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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sony Ericsson W700i: Who's awake?

Engadget's Thomas Ricker spots something fishy about this new phone:
Hey, wait a second, other than being gold and shipping with a 256MB (not 512) MS Pro Duo card, there's nothing to distinguish this Walkman from the W800i released last year. Hell, it even sports the exact dimensions.
And I think he's right. Did Gizmodo spot this?
Sony Ericsson also announced a new member of its Walkman line, the W700 (pictured at right).
No then. They actually made another post about it a second time:
The titanium-colored phone maintains the simplistic styling of previous Walkman phones, but don’t mistake that for weakness. It has 256MB of storage onboard, with the capacity to add more via Memory Stick Duos.
No again. Also the 256MB isn't onboard, it's on a Memory Stick.


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