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Monday, April 03, 2006

Kodak Easyshare V610: Ball dropped

Ryan Block contributes this weird little post to Engadget:
it's dubious this is anything more than a proof-of-concept for future, yet unearthed-in-the-FCC cameras, like the one in which the device appears to be implanted (that dual-lenser that sure as hell aint a V570, that much we can tell you).
Of course, if he'd spent a few moments flicking through the report (PDF) he linked to he would have discovered the test camera is the as-yet-unannounced V610 (see page 8). A Google search reveals rumblings about the V610, but as yet no photos (this other report, which is also on the page Ryan linked to, does contain photos).

See how a little research could have turned some pointless and apparently wrong conjecture into an exclusive first post on the new Kodak model? It seems I have the scoop instead.

(I should add that Gizmodo and Mobilewhack also dropped the ball on this one)


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