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Friday, March 17, 2006

Sony makes a radio that's just a radio

Sony decided to bring out a fancy radio. Engadget's Marc Perton is pissed off because, erm, it's just a radio:

What can you say about a plain, rectangular, $150 table radio that gets FM and AM, has a mono speaker, LCD readout and line in jack? If you're Sony, you call it not just a radio, but "the radio," and claim that you've taken "the next step" in radio technology. Sorry, Sony, but the late Henry Kloss did that decades ago, and it looks like "the radio" is just following in his well-worn footsteps.
Sony's press release is a little thin on details, but it sounds about as fancy as a radio can get (although the mono speaker is a bit crap) and it looks nicely put together. Yes, the press release is a bit over the top, but it's a company press release for God sake.

(Note how he didn't complain about the iPod Hi-Fi, which costs twice as much, does even less (it isn't even a radio) and had much more hype)


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