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Friday, March 17, 2006

MacBook Pro "fire"

Gizmodo asks:

How safe is a connector that bursts into flames with no provocation?
Ars Technica says:
MagSafe power connector bursts into flames
Sadly, as far as I can tell from the Flickr post, the Wired article and the Dutch news post, there weren't any flames at all. It just sat there and quietly melted itself (I'd guess sparks from a lose connection).

The drama queens also found another way to hype the story. Apple politely asked the guy that posted the pictures to remove them. He was impressed with their customer service, so he did. How did Wired report it?

[Here are the pictures] that were removed from Flickr on Thursday at the request of Apple
Just about true, but note the use of the passive voice to imply black helicopters. Gizmodo on the other hand decided to just make shit up:
Adding insult to injury, soon thereafter Apple contacted Flickr and asked that the pictures be removed, and Flickr inexplicably complied with that “request.”


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