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Friday, December 02, 2005

Blu-ray: Bitrates, filesize, whatever

A gem from Gizmodo

[H.264] enables content to be encoded at much higher bitrates without huge increases in file size
Just remember, whoever wrote this makes a living as a tech writer. It's also worth looking at the overall argument:
Looks like Sony's been busted for using a really old codec for its next-gen Blu-ray format. For its first Blu-ray movies, Sony will encode with MPEG-2, which is the same codec used for today's old-fashioned DVDs
MPEG-2, the data format, is really old. But modern MPEG-2 codecs do most of the same things as H.264 codecs. H.264 just has a few clever ways of storing data, hence the smaller file sizes.

(Thanks to reader Tim for sending this in)


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