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Friday, November 18, 2005

Samsung 250GB hard disk

How do you mess up a link to a hard disk review? Gizmodo managed. First the title:
Samsung Dishes Up 250-GB Platters
Except the drive has 125GB platters, which even the writer acknowledges in their first sentence:
Eclipsing Seagate and Maxtor, Samsung has come out with the SpinPoint P120, a hard drive with two 125-gigabyte platters, combining for a total of 250 gigabytes of storage.
But Seagate has drives with both larger platters and double the total capacity, so how have they been eclipsed? I think they were confused by the opening sentence from the linked review:
Samsung's storage division was just the second manufacturer to venture significantly beyond the 100 GB/platter plateau set by rivals Seagate and Maxtor in 2004 [...]
Which is as poorly written as the average gadget blog post, seeing as the first manufacturer to go past Seagate and Maxtor was, apparently, Seagate. A plague on both your houses.


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