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Friday, November 18, 2005

Kenwood MP3 players: Boring

Thomas Ricker at Engadget whines:
[Kenwood announced new] flash players that don’t really offer anything innovative, unless integrated FM radio is your idea of innovative.
Kenwood's press release disagrees (quote is tidied up from Babelfish):
If this connected to certain stereo systems, play/pause, track skip, folder skip and so on are possible with remote control operation from the stereo's own controls. You can enjoy the sound at the volume of the stereo system. In addition, without using a personal computer, it is an easy operation to record audio to the MP3 player. Because the sound output is at the optimum level for the MP3 player, the highest quality sound recording is possible.
So the player integrates fairly seamlessly with Kenwood stereo systems. It may not be innovative exactly, but mentioning it would have made a boring blog post about an apparently boring player a hell of a lot more interesting.


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