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Monday, October 03, 2005

Sony DSC-N1: Missing the point

Sony rolled out a new camera with 26MB of internal memory to use as a 500-image photo album. It also uses the memory to store pictures you take, though really they want you to buy a Memory Stick for that. Quite tricky to explain. Here's how Barb Dybwad of Engadget got on:
Its unspecified amount of internal memory can store “up to 500” images, with a Memory Stick slot for external storage.
Did Gizmodo do any better?
The camera includes as Carl Zeiss 3X Optical/6X Digital zoom, 26 MB2 internal memory and Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. You can also store up to 500 images using the DSC-N1’s album function.
Almost there, but not quite. Also note the "MB2" typo/invented technology is a braindead copy of the typo in the source article, while the "as" error is entirely of their own creation.


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