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Monday, October 24, 2005

Nokia Bluetooth Pen

So, about two and a half years ago, Nokia brought out the SU-1B Digital Pen. Gizmodo wrote about it yesterday:

If you’re a note freak like me, you’ll thoroughly appreciate Nokia’s Bluetooth pen, which gives you the freedom to write on any cellphone screen by making it a touchpad. Brilliant, though pretty elementary if you think about it, this pen lets you jot down small notes—like phone numbers, addresses or appointments—instead of dealing with the whole SMS thing. And you can write just like a normal pen and paper, though you’ll then be able to transmit the data to any other compatible device.
I'm really struggling to figure out what the writer thought the pen does. The writer implies to readers - sorry, explicitly says - that it lets you "write on any cellphone screen", which it doesn't. You have to write on paper first and it records your penstrokes. After that wrong turn, the rest of the post makes no sense.

Readers are also challenged to a parlor game of figuring out what the writer thinks a "touchpad" is. The linked review uses it as a synonym for "touchscreen", but since the title of the Gizmodo article is "Make Any Cellphone Into a Touchpad", that's not it. Any thoughts?


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