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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

IR deodorizing phone: Copy and paste is too hard

So Phoneyworld were writing about a dubious new phone that's meant to use "Far infrared" to kill bacteria. What is that?
Far infrared rays, a part of natural sunlight having the longest wavelength, [...]
So apparently, far infrared is the longest wavelength component of sunlight. Here's what Gizmodo told their readers:
As opposed to regular infrared, far infrared rays are part sunlight and are believed to have the longest known wavelength.
That's "Taking a simple statement and putting it in your own words" that they've messed up. Well done Gizmodo, a new low.


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Geoffrey said...

Idiots.... Why can't they just bring all the relevent news together for us busy people to read in a quick and concise manner. I am sure they are just trying to be cute and hip by adding their 2 cents of sarcasm or whatever but it just makes them look retarded. Just watching the credibilty go down the toilet, soon they will be right up their with Fox News ;)............


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