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Friday, October 07, 2005

FlashPoint ShareDrive: Remember?

Gizmodo proclaims Brainy USB Could Be Laptop Killer. What's their scoop?
Looks like Xmultiple has come up with a new technology called FlashPoint, which lets you transfer files between all kinds of flash drives (or any other USB memory peripheral) without a laptop or any USB bridge.
That sounds familiar. Where've I heard it before? Ah yes, Gizmodo in June:
Clever, clever, FlashPoint. These ShareDrives are standard USB keys with a bit of Share-on-the-Go technology which allows you to swap data sans PC.
And Gizmodo Last October:
The FlashPoint USB flash drive has such a simple trick it's surprising nobody else has gotten to it first. In addition to being a Mass Storage Device, it also has a female USB port on its backside that accepts other flash drives.
Also notice how completely utilitarian last year's post was, and how hyped they are this year, over the exact same idea.


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