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Monday, October 03, 2005

Creative PC-CAM 950

Here's a weird Engadget posting from Marc Perton:
Creative’s PC-CAM 950 Slim may borrow its looks from sleek digicams like Casio’s Exilim series, but looks can be deceptive. This is a webcam first and foremost, with a digital zoom, fixed lens and a single ISO setting.
And an SD card slot, 2.0" color LCD, and 5.0 megapixel sensor? They have a point about the fixed-focus lens making it a flawed digital camera, but why would anyone spend $100 to use it as a webcam:
Of course, as a webcam, the rest of its specs aren’t bad; It's got a maximum still resolution of 5 megapixels [...], 640x480 resolution at 15 fps, and a price of about $100. Just don’t try using it as a real digicam.
Pretty much any webcam can do 640×480 at 15 fps, and most cost a fraction of $100, so neither of those go in the positives column. The only one that does is the 5 megapixel resolution, though not if you're using it as a webcam, but (gasp) if you're using it as a digicam.


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