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Friday, September 30, 2005

The ROKR uses Symbian?

In an otherwise sound Register article on iPod/phone convergence, Charles Arthur almost reaches the end without embarrassing himself. And then:
Having ported iTunes to the Symbian mobile OS (which Motorola uses in the ROKR/EI [sic]), Apple is appears to moving quickly [sic]; there are already credible rumours of a Windows Mobile version of iTunes.
Let's ignore The Resigret's punk rock years-long lack of a sub-editor, and look at the facts used to support the article's weird conclusion.
  • The ROKR uses Symbian. No it doesn't. It and every similar Motorola handset is missing from this otherwise exhaustive list of Symbian handsets. There are no mentions of Symbian in the ROKR's developer documentation.
  • There are credible rumors of iTunes for Windows Mobile. No there aren't. There's this account and screenshot. Look how PhotoshopApple has constructed the interface by cutting up and rearranging pixel-for-pixel sections of the full size interface. Gasp at the pointless mangle of random menu options in the final screenshot. Very credible.
And then the conclusion:
And let's not forget that iTunes, and the iPod, only really took off once it was made available for Windows. An iTunes client that ran on a billion phones... now that's something to get Steve Jobs excited
Except, Windows Mobile, Symbian, PalmOS and Linux smartphone sales combined amounted to 8.3 million shipments in Q1 2005. The only platform close to a billion is J2ME with 708 million handsets in circulation, which coincidentally iTunes for ROKR may (or may not) be written in already. Why didn't Arthur mention J2ME? Because he is a douchebag.


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