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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Gizmodo writes:
Pace is bringing out the PVR2GO in the UK next year, a weird, square personal video player that seems to only let you record PayTV from cable or satellite and play it back on the run. With a 40GB hard drive and a widescreen five-inch display, it looks pretty silly to us on this side of the pond, but we also don’t have Page 3 Girls, so really, what do we know.
That's a good hundred words without really saying what the product does. Let's find out. A quick Google of the product name gets you this white paper, which says:
PVR2GO connects to an existing payTV PVR via USB2.0. Transfer speeds are in excess of 250Mbps so that an average feature film can be transferred in less than three minutes.
So it's actually just a thingy you plug into your PVR box to take recordings with you.


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